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Safe and delightful
User experience
We know that medical devices must be safe and comply with regulations. Due to the wide range of digital consumer products, design and user experience expectations have increased in recent years.

For us, fulfilling regulatory requirements and creating delightful experiences go hand-in-hand. We combine our expert design skills with our expertise in human factors and usability engineering to deliver products that are safe to use, approved by the authorities, and at the same time, create useful and engaging experiences for your clients to enjoy using.
One industry.
One focus.
For the user experience design of products in the medical field, it is crucial to have industry knowledge. Products that have such a significant impact on both healthcare professionals and patients require the highest level of specialist expertise.

We have a proven track record in MedTech and Healthcare and speak your language and that of your customers. We work according to common standards and guidelines such as MDR, IVDR, IEC 62366-1, and FDA HFE Guidance. Thus, we offer you cooperation at eye level, with the shortest possible onboarding period.

Our expertise covers

Medical devices for professional users (B2B)
such as in vitro diagonstic solutions and laboratory equipment.
Medical devices for consumer market (B2C)
such as hearing aids and breast pumps.
Combination products
such as autoinjectors and inhalers.
Digital health applications (DiGA)
such as smart healthcare applications, medical mobile and web applications.
Hospital information systems
Such as electronic medical records (EMR), hospital and laboratory information solutions (HIS, LIS and middelware).
Health insurance solutions
Such as health insurance mobile apps.

A selection of our 20+ customers

Our services

We help healthcare companies create world-class products and solutions using proven empirical methods of usability engineering and UX design.

Human factors

Medical usability and human factors engineering. Minimize use-related risks in safety-relevant medical solutions.
formative evaluation
summative evaluation
human factors
FDA HFE guidance
IEC 62366-1

Test and validate

Test and measure solutions for customer acceptance and usability.
usability test
expert review

User research

Understand and measure customer needs and derive new business opportunities.
customer journey


Conception and design of digital and physical products.
UI design
design specification
design system

Case studies

We were involved in more than 40 projects with leading MedTech and pharma companies, building safe and delightful products.
Breast Pump
Point of Care Analyzer
Hearing Aid
Primary Care
Emergency Care
Knowledge Management
New interaction experience for professional breast pumps
Umbrella had the privilege of supporting the global market leader in breast pumps in modernizing its flagship product to ensure market success for years to come. We designed the UI concept based on a new UI technology and evaluated it for usability and user acceptance.

As a result, Umbrella delivered the ready-to-develop UI concept and achieved an excellent usability score of 91.3 out of 100 points in the final usability evaluation and proved that the new UI technology works in terms of user acceptance.
Product type
Medical devcies for professional users (B2B) and for consumer market (B2C)
Formative Evaluation
Test Facilities
Achieving excellence for a point of care product
A medical start-up in the UK, a spin-off from Oxford University, is developing a revolutionary device for point-of-care blood analysis.
To ensure the credibility and neutrality of the results, the company brought Umbrella on board for the execution of the usability engineering process according to IEC 62366 and FDA HFE guidance.

Together, we have assessed and designed a product iteratively that has already convinced users to such an extent that the first user study gave it an overall rating System Usability Scale (SUS) score of 87.2 (excellent).
Product type
Medical devices for professional users (B2B)
Expert Inspection
Design Recommendations
Formative Evaluation
Test Facilities
Regulatory compliant summative usability evaluation
A hearing aid manufacturer will launch a new charger for its hearing aids. Umbrella was engaged for the final summative usability evaluation of the product and the corresponding user guide.

Based on the existing documentation, we prepared the summative evaluation, conducted it with 15 test participants, and documented it in the usability engineering file.
The summative evaluation was compliant with IEC 62366 and FDA HFE guidance and was accepted by the regulatory authorities accordingly.
Product type
Medical device for consumer market (B2C)
Test Facilities
Summative Evaluation
Usability Documentation
Exploring and validating customer needs in a new business area
A manufacturer of medical solutions, sees a potential and is thinking about developing a digital solution for a new market segment. In addition, the manufacturer would like to gather feedback on initial ideas and concepts.
By means of conducting 12 qualitative interviews with participants from the U.S., the U.K. and Germany, Umbrella UX supported the company in this endeavor.

Based on the findings from the 12 interviews, the need for a digital tool in the market segment was confirmed in all countries. In addition, high potential opportunities were identified in five specific areas in particular. Based on these findings, a list of possible functions for an MVP of the solution, the corresponding assessment of feasibility, and a description of the detailed needs of the potential customers were created.
Product type
Hospital and Primary Care information systems (Middleware)
User Research
Qualitative Interviews
Understanding information flows in emergency medicine
A global manufacturer of medical devices would like to understand better the information flows in emergency medicine. In the ambulance, emergency department, and across different organizations, to position its solution better to adapt to the corresponding market segment.

We were commissioned to conduct the user research and interviewed 36 people from the UK, USA, and Germany from different roles in the various emergency institutions.

As a result, we could show the customer the current information flows, the technologies used, and the gaps in the information flow. We were also able to validate and discard features and identify new opportunities.
Product type
Medical devices for professional users (B2B)
Hospital, Primary Care and Ambulance information systems
User Research
Qualitative interviews
Sharing knowledge with 60'000 colleagues all over the globe
A multinational pharmaceutical company with 60,000 personnel and operations in 65+ countries wants to improve its framework for knowledge management. Relevant knowledge is spread across multiple repositories.

To identify challenges, we conducted a broad user research based on the jobs-to-be-done framework, including workshops, Interviews and surveys with business, subject matter experts with hundreds of users.

We created several user journeys and extracted a list of the key features that a knowledge management solution must offer. These key features were validated and prioritised through a user survey.

The results provided the client with a prioritised list of actionable success factors that will be addressed during the project.
Product type
Business Solution
User Research
UX Strategy

Customer testimonials

Umbrella UX have been a trusted partner throughout our medical device development. They have performed formative studies, an expert review and provided ongoing consultancy, for all aspects of human factors and user experience. Their professionalism, organisation and broad industry knowledge has been invaluable to ensure our product delivers an exceptional level of usability. Their work is meticulous, well presented and well documented, ensuring we comply with our ISO13485 quality management system as well as being well prepared for Regulatory activities. Umbrella UX are truly an extension of our in-house team, and we look forward to working closely together as we finalise our product development journey.
Michael, Product Owner
UK Medical device manufacturer
I have been working with Umbrella UX for more than a year. They are a very professional, experienced, and responsive team that consistently delivers high-quality results. I trust them with my projects, and I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs expertise in user research, user interface development, user testing, or user experience design.
Saju, Product Owner
Pharmaceutical company
Umbrella UX conducted the required summative usability evaluation for a medical device for us. With their competence and flexibility, they provided the required support on relatively short notice from ourside. I was very pleased with the results and I’m looking forward to working together with them again.
Kevin, Usability engineer
Hearing aid manufacturer
Umbrella has proven to be a very skilled partner during our collaboration with engaging usability studies execution and high-quality deliverables.
Luc, Usability Engineer Manager
Medical device manufacturer
Umbrella has the best people in UX. We had them design the interaction for a new service targeting an atypical niche. Their elicitation, design, and user research were not only clear and insightful, but complemented with some cool “wow effects”. Their drive for quality and attention to detail and hard to find – and they’re fun and laughter to work with, too. Couldn’t recommend them more convincedly.
Michele, Founder & CTO
Secure internet service provider

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